The role of ecommerce continues increasing in the modern highly competitive business environment. TRIARE uses Shopify ecommerce website builder for providing a seamless experience to the customers setting up online stores for their products and services. Shopify ecommerce themes enhance the quality of the finished product by tailoring it to the needs of each individual customer. Our customers are commonly asking, “Is Shopify an ecommerce solution that will fit our vision?” TRIARE matches the vision of our customers and the capabilities of the platform for delivering the best possible solutions.

Ecommerce Shopify Benefits

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Shopify offers a wide range of plans that depend on the range of the offered options. The current number of online stores and offices using Shopify as an ecommerce solution reached 800,000. The platform enables an easy launch and management of online stores. Furthermore, it supports store owners in various essential aspects, including customer support tools, new channels, and technical support. The Shopify ecommerce store offers three plans, namely Basic, Standard, and Advanced. Lite and Plus versions are the cheaper and the premium enterprise versions respectively. The platform allows adding a domain name that implies an additional payment. 

Shopify ecommerce platforms have their pros and cons. The main pros relate include the ease of its use, quantity, and quality of the best Shopify design themes, flexibility, scaling, as well as community and support. There are also potential flaws and limitations of Shopify, such as extra transaction fees outside of Shopify Payments, the complexity of multilingual stores, and availability of the best ecommerce Shopify themes and features only in the high-scale versions of the platform. TRIARE focuses on amplifying the strengths of the platform while minimizing its potential drawbacks.

Alternative Shopify Solutions

Ecommerce platforms are operating in a highly competitive environment, prompting their consistent growth and improvement. It is essential we answer the question, “Is Shopify the best ecommerce platform?” Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress are viable alternatives that may suit your business needs. When comparing Shopify vs Wix for ecommerce, it is possible to mention the simplicity of interface offered by the latter, including a possibility to put a customized stamp on its templates. Wix has cheaper plans and offers a range of useful apps, such as Ecwid. Excess freedom offered by Wix may prevent the implementation of ecommerce best design practices. These features are vital when considering Wix ecommerce vs Shopify ecommerce solutions.

Despite the higher rating of Shopify, Squarespace also has its distinct strengths. These strengths of Squarespace ecommerce vs Shopify stem primarily from its template designs and strong analytics. However, Squarespace does not offer an app store and provides limited payment options. Many companies prioritize design, which may contribute to the selection of Squarespace ecommerce. 

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WordPress is a similar SaaS platform with a broader range of functionality in comparison to Shopify. When considering WordPress commerce vs Shopify, it is crucial to account for various variables, including the technical complexity of WordPress. Shopify focuses on building online stores, while WordPress requires additional plugins, themes, and hosting, potentially including Shopify to build an effective ecommerce experience. WordPress is inherently more powerful than Shopify, yet it is more technically challenging. It requires the addition of security features, webhosting, and the domain name from a third party. Comparing Shopify vs WordPress for ecommerce may require assessing technical capabilities and knowledge pool available. TRIARE provides effective and efficient solutions based on the benefits of each platform. 

Making a Final Decision on Shopify Ecommerce platform

In a process of making the final decision, TRIARE provides several choices with the recommendations towards the best one. Shopify platform and WordPress platform may yield highly customizable and flexible solutions, while Shopify alone offers an ecommerce focus. Our goal is to guide you in achieving the results that best suit your strategic vision.


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