CRM to Excel at Sales

The client approached TRIARE with a request to redesign the legacy CRM platform. He also wanted to improve the UX and add new features as well as email distribution with a modern interface.


At the time of the client’s request, he already had a working CRM system launched back in 2006 (14 years in existence!). Since the new functionality had been added gradually over time, the system became complex and confusing. We needed to make it fast and intuitive again.

What we have done

The client urged us to restart the product. He requested to rebrand the platform and simplify the user interface. Adding new functionality was equally important. We complied with the given tasks and even updated the email newsletters and chat outlook.
Our team has crafted a new bespoke design and is currently nearing completion of a new web extension. It will work with the old one and connect to the same backend system. We are also working on a frontend and backend systems for an updated email distribution.

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  • Improved dashboard
  • Automatic report generation
  • Subscription widget
  • Chats
  • Templates
  • Dashboard & Analytics
  • Message Center
  • Email Campaigns
  • Auto-response message
  • Scheduled Messages
  • Contact&Lead page
  • Voting Campaigns 
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Tech stack
  • Java
  • React
  • React Native
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