Types of apps for Hotel Booking

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Types of apps for Hotel Booking

The market for hotel booking apps has become international with the constantly expanding demand for travel. While the global pandemic was inherently harmful to the industry, the projections remain optimistic for the upcoming years. In this regard, now is a good time to begin the app development process for having it ready during peak times. Just like any other process, the development of an app for the hotel industry starts with the definition of purpose. Developing a custom app with TRIARE for a hotel chain differs drastically from the travel agent app.

Consider one of the following app types that are already functional in the hotel industry:

  • Custom apps developed for the hotels and hotel chains. These apps may allow booking a room for a specific date, making prepayments, and ordering additional services. It is common for large high-scale chains to develop and maintain such apps.
  • The travel agent apps focus on the tourists that would seek out transportation and leisure in addition to the hotel booking. These apps are particularly valuable for ranking and feedback systems. Such all-in-one tools are highly practical and valuable, especially in foreign language environments.
  • Aggregators work like travel agents but narrow their functionality to the hotels alone. Such an approach allows for a broader scope of options and a more narrow focus on the specific hotel features. For instance, aggregators commonly have a budgeting option and discounts customized for particular users.travel agent apps

Making a custom app

When developing a custom app for the hotel or hotel chain, it is necessary to maintain the company brand and image while meeting the customer’s needs. Ensuring a smooth experience in terms of functionality and loading times is also important. The app becomes a part of the brand, reflecting its design and core ideas. Hotel booking apps should support various devices and operating systems.

A custom hotel app should remain accurate in terms of occupancy and available services. Such an approach would allow the customers to access reliable information and avoid any issues or delays during the travel. Working with our experienced team of developers will improve the customer reservation experience and help you provide superior services.

Travel app development specifics

Unlike the app developed for a particular hotel chain, a travel app would accumulate information about hotels, car rentals, plane tickets, and other leisure activities relevant to tourists. Seamless integration of these services and the intuitive nature of the app would be defining for the frequency of its use and general outreach. Developing the travel app is a broader task that may require involving external mobile apps development services.

Travel app development

Creating the travel app involves determining a specific distribution area. Making an international app requires significant investments in terms of languages, data and information availability, and local partnerships. App development also implies determining the inherent value offered by the app. For instance, the app offering cost savings should have an option to filter the offers based on price and offer sales consistently. It is also possible to include the customer support option that would allow resolving urgent issues.

Aggregator mobile app

Aggregator would serve as a middle ground between the custom app developed for the hotel chain and the travel app. In particular, an aggregator app would be offering various hotels to its users. It is also possible to expand such an offering by including the apartment and house rentals. It is essential to balance the range of offers and the customer demand. The app development would imply assessing the preferences regarding the accommodation based on the type of travel. For instance, business travel would require focusing primarily on the hotels, potentially allowing the booking of several rooms simultaneously.

Final thoughts

Irrespective of the booking app type, its value, functionality, and reliability are crucial for its success. Developing a custom app benefits the users from the standpoint of addressing their needs. TRIARE has sufficient expertise for ensuring both and providing long-term post-development support.

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