How Do Airplane Booking Apps Work?

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How Do Airplane Booking Apps Work?

The travel industry is currently undergoing complete digitization. It’s no surprise, given the rise in client expectations as technology advances. People want to plan their travels in the most comfortable way possible, saving energy, time, and money. Among other traveling solutions, airplane booking apps have been experiencing an increasingly growing demand.

Such mobile apps provide numerous benefits for flight trip planning, including the ability to order tickets conveniently. However, there are still some challenges that affect the convenience of airline reservation systems. So, let’s talk about flight booking apps, their advantages and drawbacks.

What Are the Functions of Airline Booking Apps?

Airline Booking Apps

Travel booking apps are solutions that ensure a passenger’s path from itinerary search to ticket purchase and even check-in procedures.

Users no longer need to wait in lines as they can complete many processes online. Given the reality of the pandemic we now live in, this is one of the most pressing needs. Contactless technology which allows passengers to check in and make payments using a smartphone is one of the biggest airline industry trends.

Airline booking applications may vary in terms of functionality. Let’s have a look at  a brief selection of necessary features for such apps:

  • secure login
  • search filters
  • various payment alternatives with different currency support
  • localization into multiple languages
  • automated notifications
  • flexibility in picking dates and real-time ticket availability
  • customer service and chatbots

Some of such booking apps also employ AI-powered virtual assistants or predictive analytics to provide more personalized experiences and flexible flight rate search options. You can also find a lot of special offers in travel booking apps that can be designed with the help of personalization-enabled technologies.

There are aggregators and dedicated booking apps for businesses in the airline industry. The first type serves as a platform that gathers ticketing offers from various airline companies. The second model is typical for the leading airlines and works well for brand recognition and loyalty.

The Benefits of Airline Booking Apps

Benefits of Airline Booking Apps

Users typically need compelling reasons to download the mobile app. Why load the phone’s memory if you can reserve your seats on the website? Well, stats say that users prefer apps over websites for various reasons. 39% of respondents choose them for speed, and 30% — for extensive functionality compared to websites’ capacity. Let’s talk about the main benefits of using apps for booking flight tickets over websites.

Everything in one place

Imagine you purchased your tickets a few months in advance of your trip. If you did it through a website, the booking confirmation ends up in your overflowing mailbox. While an app can not only include all flight details but also send you notifications about departure/arrival time or itinerary changes. Also, booking apps frequently provide extensive functionality—for instance,you can immediately book a hotel, rent a car, or buy bus tickets.

Time & money savings

With apps for booking flight tickets, you can reserve seats at any convenient time, even on the go. With the same ease, you can cancel purchases and choose other flights suitable for you. These booking apps also allow you to compare prices on different airlines and offer the best options. And that’s not even mentioning various special offers and gift vouchers that might be available.

Online check-in

Most airline booking apps allow early check-ins. And that means you can go through document verification and other formal procedures online using the app.

Round-the-clock booking and customer support

Decided to travel in the middle of the night? No problem, the flight booking app has got your back. The same goes for potential issues: customer support will help you solve them at any time.

The Issues That Still Remain in Airline Booking Systems

Airline Booking Systems

Every software solution requires constant maintenance. Even the best flight booking apps cannot guarantee 100% failure protection, as they regularly deal with significant loads of traffic and large numbers of users. Backend issues in airline booking systems can cause tremendous financial losses, so businesses should consider working with a professional development team consistently even after the release.

Problems may also occur on the frontend side. For example, the user interface may be confusing and inconvenient, or the functionality may be insufficient. Therefore, before creating mobile apps, you should carefully study the needs of your potential customers.

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Closing Thoughts

Airplane booking apps can boost the airline business competitiveness and cover the passengers’ needs. Such applications are in many ways more beneficial than websites for flight reservations. However, always consider the challenges that come with travel app development: they should present lots of options in the easiest way possible and remain performant regardless of how much traffic comes to their servers.

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