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UX web design at the core of software development

UX, or user experience, in many ways defines the success of a software product. It’s responsible for how users navigate between the sections and pages of your app, how they click on buttons and other elements, and ultimately, how they feel while using it. In app development, UX is just as important as a solid backend and overall functionality. 

UX design vs web development

UX and development go hand in hand: the former creates the structure of a software product and the logic behind it, while the latter makes it all function the way it’s supposed to. 

Why do you need a UX web design team

You can’t make an app without visualizing how users will interact with it. You need professionals that will apply the best UX practices to your particular vision. 

When you’re searching for the right development team to create an application, you should also discover if they have web design and UX design specialists. Developers and designers must work in sync so that there are no discrepancies in the end product. Look for agencies with UX web design experience and browse their portfolios to see if there are projects similar to the one you have in mind. 

At TRIARE, we’ve developed solutions of different scale and industry: from entertainment to corporate sector. Knowing how UX principles should function in various sites and apps, we can bring your idea to life in a most convenient way to end-users. 

The process of UX design for web and mobile apps

Working out UX design for a mobile app usually goes as follows:

  • First, we discuss your idea to learn what are the product’s purpose and key aspects, what features are required, and who are the target users
  • Then, we conduct market and competitor research to discover how things work in your niche in terms of UX design
  • After that, we create user personas and user stories based on analyzed data—these will describe how the app will be helpful to target users and what actions can be performed in it
  • The design process itself includes sketching and making prototypes to be further validated and realized in the product
  • The team communicates the principles of created UX design to developers
  • When prototypes transition into a working product, we run series of testing sessions and surveys to identify possible issues and fix them

Reach out to us if you want to know more about how we develop UX for websites and applications. Never underestimate the importance of UX in web design and app development—it’s what makes your product easy to use and enjoyable. 

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