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ui designEffective UI web design for sites and apps

User interface, or UI, is the first thing people notice in any software product. It includes the layout and organization of content on each page or screen, which should correspond to the product’s purpose and work smoothly on any type of device target users might have. 

At TRIARE, our team has experienced web design and UI design professionals who will create outstanding interfaces according to your requirements and industry best practices.

The importance of UI in designing web and mobile apps

In mobile and web applications, UI design ensures the following:

  • attractiveness: the quality of UIs will define how users perceive your product
  • simplicity: interfaces should not be cluttered but provide elements and instructions that are easy to understand
  • consistency: a cohesive visual style and use of common elements make for great UI design in mobile apps
  • accessibility: your app should be ADA compliant and accessible to different types of users

UI design vs development

UI web design is an integral part of an overall product development process. UX specialists create the structure and navigation of a software solution, developers ensure that everything works properly, and UI designers visualize all the features, clickable and non-clickable elements, and information that should be presented on different screens or pages. 

The process of UI web design 

Designing UIs for web applications or mobile solutions always starts from user recognition. UX research will significantly help create UI design as it will give insights into the product’s target users, what actions they should perform, and how competitors implement those actions.

Next, UI designers work on layouts, navigational elements, and general visual style: they choose colors and fonts, create icons and symbols, etc. In app development, UI design should be synchronized with UX and engineering processes so that the end product serves both the looks and functionality. 

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