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Plan and develop an app and a server for the electric bike with microprocessor and a bluetooth controller to exchange data between devices and have full control on the bike functions.

What we have done:

This mobile application allows users to manage all the features of the electric bike: engine management, drive modes management, alarm management, bicycle firmware updates. Users can always see where their bike is located at any given moment of time on a mobile device, due to real time geo-location display feature. For this purpose, bicycles are equipped with GPS-trackers. Moreover, user can always view his/her bicycle travel log in a web application. There are also security systems in place to alert users if the alarm is triggered on the bike. Integration with Bluetooth; GPS.



  • integration of the offline maps with
  • bluetooth data exchange between bike and phone
  • GPS tracking

Key technologies

  • Mobile: Objective C
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails, Java
  • Data base: MySql, CoreData
  • Other: OS Linux, Git, GPS, Bluetooth