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PersonalNovel is a unique business with a long history started in 2003. It is an honor for us to work close with the company and expand their business providing support and development of new products. The project is a wide range of technologies which are running on the background to make the miracle happen and deliver customers best personalized gifts. We have dealt with numerous technologies and complex server structure.

What we have done:

Our team have found a way to work with existing code and in very short time frame was able to grasp all the infrastructure of the project. We have developed new products and supported existing ones.

Key technologies

  • Frontend: PHP, Vue.js, jQuery
  • Backend: Python, LaTeX
  • Data base: MySql
  • Infrastructure: Dedicated VPS, CDN, Linux OS
  • Other: Amazon payments, PayPal, Adyen
  • Marketing tools: Google analytics, Google Ads., Facebook pixel