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One of the most time-consuming activities for any tennis player who belongs to a club is messaging other players with the goal of organizing a game, booking courts and scheduling lessons with instructors. On the other hand, tennis instructors at clubs typically balance their time between giving lessons and acting as matchmakers and checking their schedule. So the client needed a simple and elegant solution to help tennis players and instructors to save time for actually playing tennis.

What we have done:

2 apps for iOS and Android users helping them to book courts, schedule and reschedule games and lessons, find partners for matches, chat with comrades-in-rackets and check the game calendar. In addition to the mobile app, OpenTennis would provide club managers with a web interface which will make managing club members and court schedules a breeze.

Key technologies

  • Frontend: HTML, JS, Ajax, jQuery
  • Mobile: Swift, Kotlin
  • Server: Node.js
  • Data base: Mongo, CoreData, Realm
  • Other: OS Linux, Git