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Turnt simple yet effective idea of the repetition into an app which will help to memorize knowledge in the long term memory.

What we have done:

The whole environment around the app consists with web editor, chrome extension, server side and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Users can create their own content in form of the cards and flash cards, organize them into collections and study with the Study coach. MindZip is also a user generated platform where likeminded people can publish and subscribe collections of each other, chat. Besides the core feature app helps to track your progress, sends loved thoughts in push notifications, organizes your library and helps to discover content.


  • Facebook login
  • In-app purchases
  • Analytics with Segment, Intercom, Google, UXcam
  • Push notifications
  • In-app chat
  • Flash cards

Key technologies

  • Frontend: Vue.js
  • Mobile: Swift, Kotlin
  • Backend: Node.js, Ruby on Rails
  • Data base: MondoDB, CoreData, Realm
  • Other: OS Linux, Git, In-App purchases, Analytics, Chat