• MVP
    Fail fast, adjust early. To save your budget and test many hypotheses quickly, we build a prototype or a minimal viable product. This gets you the fundamentals of the future website or app and lets you examine the idea before adding more features. Ask us how to build an MVP app now.
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  • Agile
    You don’t have to wait for too long since we deliver the project in sprints. A dedicated product manager checks with the dev team at each milestone confirming the right direction of work. This flexibility is especially handy when a partner changes the direction of work rapidly.
  • Focus on Quality
    We leverage industry-solid approaches to getting things done. During several stages, we ideate on the project, design mockups and wireframes, build MVPs and backtest them with our Quality Assurance specialists. Project managers make sure our clients are always in control.
  • Engagement Models
    Flexible working models allows us to meet your needs. Choose between a Fixed Price model, Time & Material model, or a Dedicated Team model. Depending on a term and scale of the project, each model proved to be efficient in particular situations.
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